Monday, July 21, 2014

Gathering Eggs!

Daisy is always there to greet and welcome me in!
I love gathering the eggs each morning
or sometimes early afternoon.
Myrtle diffidently laid her egg here. 
She is the only one who leaves her "calling card" (feather)!
She is the mother of all the hens.
Sometimes a bit toooo bossy!!!
With 5 newly laying hens,
the eggs add up mighty fast!
Their eggs vary in size since they just started laying 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Strong shells and bright yellow/orange yolks!
Lots of grass!
Beautiful Kate below.

Emily & Nellie were camera shy today.
So sweet and how grateful I am for my girls.
There is Sunshine in my soul today!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Sheets & Vintage Sewing Box!

I bought some new sheets (actually 3 different sets) for our 2 guest-rooms.
I have always loved Rachel Ashwell's collection 
and was thrilled when TARGET, yes Target stared caring them!
They look sweet with the quilt my parents gave me years ago.

I washed the sheets first thing with my homemade laundry soap. 
Smells so good!
They are 100% cotton and impossible to get all the winkles out but
that's what makes it true~blue shabby!

Above is one of my 2 vintage sewing boxes.
I leave this one in this quest room because I love to go in there, kick up my feet and crochet.

In the corner is a very old "dry" sink. 
It has a tank in the back that holds several gallons of water.
The water comes out the spout and drains in a big bowl enclosed under the sink.
I love this sink.
I also bought the bed skirt from the same Rachel Ashwell collection.
The bottom of the bed skirt is eyelet.
Leaving it with the winkles in.
I found the vintage redo sewing box at one of my local antique shops.
It a perfect size to hold all my crochet supplies.
I love crocheting dishcloths that I sale in my 

I was watching Little House on the Prairie
and low and behold,
one of the women was using a sewing box!   
The sheets actually remind me of a high~end hotel quality.
Crisp and beautifully made.
The other sets are white with tiny flowers on them.
Thank You so much for visiting!
It means so much that you did!

Monday, June 30, 2014

First Egg!

We have our first egg!

The question is, who laid it?
3 of my chickens are 5 months this week and
2 are 4 1/2 months.
 I didn't see any nesting going on so I have no clue.
I finally have a hen!
Hubby had it timed just right…
he finished the nesting boxes last weekend!
Sweet little thing!

Have an egg~citing day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spouting Wheatgrass For The Chickens!

I am so excited that I spouted some wheatgrass for my chickens!
I know this will be great especially for winter.

I searched Pinterest and found several ways.
 I took pictures through the 8~9 day progress.
From soaking overnight to harvest.
The wheat starts to spout very fast!
Look at all those little roots!
I tasted the wheatgrass and it is very refreshing!
I will be making a batch for us to juice with.
The chickens LOVE it!
This is one of their favorite treats …
wheatgrass, corn, dried mealworms & oats!
I have made several batches since I took these first pictures.

Have a Great Day
Thanks Bunches for Visiting!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pictures of My Booth at Market!

 This last Saturday I did a marketplace show in my hometown.

It was held at ROOSTER CREEK in Murrieta, CA.,
 under some beautiful big trees
and grass under our feet!
Heaven for a vendor.
Here are a few pictures.
Handmade magnets.
I have several on my "ice~box in my vintage trailer! 
My signature clipboards & journals!
My LAUNDRY SOAP was a big hit!
And so were the necklaces.
Got one sold right off my neck!
I will be making more to put in my Etsy shop!
Cutie pie notepads.
I have been selling gift tags for years and
they never let me down!
I have a printer that prints crystal clear. 
I actually have 3 of the same printer in case one breaks down!
Pretty lace curtains from our last home.
Customers wanted to buy them!
Oh, and see that sweet vintage quilt on my ironing board?

I won that at ROOSTER CREEK last month for being a customer! 
They have a drawing each month.

I LOVE it Vivian and Cricket! Thanks Bunches!
Lots of pincushions and crocheted dishcloths.
Above is my friend Deb's from Wildoberry Farms cuteness!
She sales her very own patterns and wares!
In back of Deb's booth is ROOSTER CREEK who
 hosted this event which is held the first Saturday of every month.

Vivian's vintage house/shop is adorable!
It's set in the middle of HISTORICAL MURRIETA.

42030 C St. 
Murrieta, CA 92562

Thanks Bunches for visiting!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Ready for Marketplace!

This has been a busy week getting ready for a marketplace show this Saturday June 7th.
Here are a few pictures of some of the things I will have in my booth.

42030 C St. (corner of Washington & C St.)
Murrieta, CA
9am ~ 4pm
Of course I made some best seller dishcloths!
I made some really cute necklaces!
I used vintage dress pattern images and blinged them up!
I will be adding some to my Etsy shop in a week!
Lots more yoyo pincushions!
Lots of odds & ends too.
Old fashion clothespins with 
5 yds. of ribbon.
Cowgirl stuff from my vintage trailer.
Lots of vintage style gift tags!
Adorable yoyo notepads!
Lots of my popular clipboards!
Of course I will be selling my
homemade laundry soap…
and lots more!

Have a blessed day!
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